Ryan Verg Vergeront | Pro Bicycle Mechanic

Mtbj 007 Ryan Verg Vergeront pro bike mechanic

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Verg Interview Show Notes

1:44 How Verg started out biking and wrenching

3:15 USA Cycling Mechanics Clinic

5:25 Shimano Multi Service

5:55 Bike Shops where Verg Started out: Open Road Bicycles, Fat Tire Farm, Revolver Bikes, 21st Avenue Bicycles

7:45 Sea Otter Classic, Ironman Hawaii Race, Paris-Roubaix Race, World Cup Mtb Races,

9:18 Traveling and work life of a traveling bicycle mechanic

12:20 Wrenching during a race, effective attitude, getting and sharing parts and tools, cooperation with other teams.

15:20 Attitudes of community in mountain biking

18:15 Diamondback Bicycles

18:20 Kyle Thomas

18:25 Charlie Sponsel

20:50 The difference between a ladder and stairs.

21:40 Is it easier or more difficult for tall people to do pushups.

22:55 Working with pro riders

23:00 Kelly McGarry Canyon gap back flip at Red Bull Rampage

24:00 Carson Storch, Eric Porter

25:00 Redbull Rampage

25:50 Digging and building at Redbull with athletes

29:45 The multi-faceted job of helping a team achieve success

30:30 Flying with tools as a pro bike mechanic

31:20 Finding resources in strange places

32:30 AJ Johnson

32:54 Mountain Bike Suspension Design

37:40 Geographic influence of Mtb designs

38:30 Devinci Traveling Demo Program

39:30 “Quiver Killer” bike?

43:05 Devinci Django. Devinci Troy

45:10 Wheel size discussion; allowing 29’ers in Mtb Downhill racing

48:45 Tour de France Bicycle Weight Limits

59:20 Verg’ role as a Devinci Bicycles demo specialist

1:00:45 Devinci owner, Felix Gauthier

1:04:20 Devinci Hatchet, “Gravel Bike”

1:11:10 Working with Slope Style Athletes and their bikes

1:12:47 Colorado Freeride Festival

1:15:00 Slope Style suspension purpose and design

1:19:00 BMX beginnings: Darren Berrecloth, Jill Kintner, Lars Sternberg, Matthew Slaven

1:19:40 NW Cup Casey Northern and Scott Tucker interview

1:20:00 Accessibility and Cost of BMX vs Mountain Bike riding

1:20:45 Does the rear shock help with boost on full suspension Slope Style bikes?

1:23:40 Full suspension slope style bikes for kids & shorter riders