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Chris Olivier Show Notes

1:00 or origins

1:40 Chris’ downhill experience

2:40 First dirt jumper GT Ruckus and seeds of love for DJ riding

3:20 Thrashbike mention

3:40 Eight year anniversary of

4:00 team, content creation…

5:00 USA/Europe readership of and the European progressive Mtb scene

6:40 Chris Olivier roots of bike riding, first bike; Huffy Stu Thompson Signature model

7:40 Progressive riding roots and philosophy

10:00 Andreu Lacondeguy mention

10:55 Mountain bike basics for technical riding

12:00 How to pump for mtb technical riding, bike control

13:08 Bunny hoping and manuals

13:45 Pump track types development around the world

14:35 Velo Solutions mention, Zurich monster track

15:00 North SeaTac BMX track mention. Value of learning to ride BMX pump tracks

16:50 Trestle Bike Park mention. Winter Park Colorado.

17:10 Chris Olivier’s favorite trails, parks, riding spots

17:54 Angel Fire Bike Park and Keystone Bike Park mentions

18:05 Outlaws of Dirt Mtb and BMX dirt jump contest

20:00 Josh Hult mention

20:10 DJ Brandt mention

20:51 2016 Outlaws of Dirt Video on Vimeo

21:00 Connor Tieulie, videographer mention

21:25 Ruby Hill Bike Park mention

21:50 How Chris Olivier approaches new, difficult, scary jumps and features

24:32 Favorite bikes of Chris Olivier

24:50 BTL Bikes 702 mention. Review on is located here.

26:27 SE Bikes OM Duro mention. review is located here.

27:10 Captain Jack’s Trails mention

27:50 Mongoose BootR mention. review is located here.

28:05 Shaun Palmer mention

28:50 Rider mentions by Chris Olivier

29:15 Nicoli Rogatkin mention. #Rogatking on

20:12 Ethan Nell and Nic Hilton mentions

31:00 Black Sage Fest Series mention

31:10 Kyle Strait and Carson Storch mentions

32:15 Pascal Blaurock, Ludwig Jaeger, Tom Kilcoyne, Aiden Horn, Jeremy Munduni and The Rise mentions