NW Cup Downhill Race Series | Scott Tucker & Casey Northern


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Scott Tucker & Casey Northern Show Notes


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2017 NW Cup Pro Grt Race Results PDF

Casey talks first, about the structure of the races, and some history about the NW Cup

Scot comes in at 5:17 to talk about age and gender categories per USA Cycling structure, new categories for women and kids.

7:50 The NW Cup is attracting younger riders, due in part to bike manufacturers building better gear for them.

8:55 Race beginnings

10:40 Do they plan to expand to Enduro, Slope style…?

Cascadia Dirt Cup mention: Trey Wilson. http://www.racecascadia.com/cdc

15:30 The NW Cup Formula

19:00 Scott’s racing story

21:55 Casey wishes they would have given Enduro racing its “proper name”

23:10 NW Cup size and scope in the US

23:55 Life after NORBA

25:50 NW Cup is part of the national series called the Pro Gravity Tour http://www.usacycling.org/progrt

27:30 Pride of expert riders and attendance in The NW Cup

28:35 Canadian Mountain Bike Racers attendance

29:30 Race course locations and their history

33:15 Joe Prisel mentions

34:34 Race Course design, digging, who makes decisions about features…

39:40 Local people dedicated to digging and building trails and features for the races

47:15 Course features and design re classes

54:40 NW Cup Race Series Sponsors

100:27 Safety, injuries, course design to avoid…

104:20 Safety equipment requirements

107:20 How to win a mountain biking downhill race

111:40 Favorite gear, bikes…

120:00 Kirt Voreis mention. Video suggestions from Scot and Casey