Lee McCormack | Mtb Coach | RipRow Creator

MtbJumper Podcast Lee McCormack interview

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Show Notes for Lee McCormack Interview

Lee Likes Bikes Coaching, Books and much more

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1:00 Realities of self employment as a parent

3:00 Lee’s beginnings with biking

4:19 1988 Nishiki Pueblo. Mtb’ing for weight loss and fitness

6:30 Overcoming childhood obesity

7:10 Mountain biking community acceptance (vs road riding)

7:19 David Weins. six consecutive winner of the Leadville Trail 100 MTB

9:38 Mountain biking as an individual sport, unique challenges

12:30 “Gravel riding”

14:00 Brian Lopes

16:07 Curtis Keene

16:14 Lee McCormack’s beginnings as a downhill/progressive mtb’er

16:20 Sacramento Bee

16:40 Mammoth Nationals

16:56 Kamikaze Downhill. Ridiculous Kamikaze Downhill edit from “Tread, the movie”

21:00 Lee’s Career change

24:46 Bike Magazine

25:00 Watching the film, Whale Rider and realizing his purpose

29:15 Seeds of ‘Mastering Mountain Bike Skills’ book

31:48 Ned Overend, author of ‘Mountain Bike Like a Champion’

32:56 Lee McCormack beginnings as mountain biking skills teacher

32:50 SMBA Mountain Biking Club

36:00 Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey

36:15 How to find your purpose

37:31 How Lee McCormack landed a desirable, high paying job with a cutting-edge tech firm with no experience

40:47 The roles of Brian and Lee in ‘Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

44:27 Lee McCormack talks about the RipRow beginnings, how it works and how it builds mountain biking skills

100:12 Understanding fear, tension and body energy when facing a new jump or other scary feature

105:00 Understanding what you’re feeling in the moment and how to set and adjust internal goals accordingly

110:57 Aaron Gwin Chainless Win in Leogang 2015 World Cup DH Video

115:09 How dead lifts help with progressive mountain biking

117:10 Brandon Semenuk Does It Again | Raw 100, Version 3

118:32 Pro BMX Skills by Lee McCormack

118:39 Chris Powell demonstrates how to case a jump