Kat Sweet | Creator and owner of Sweetlines mountain bike coaching

Kat Sweet pro mtb coach

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Kat Sweet Show Notes


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1:15 Kat’s First bikes

1:50 Sand Diego State Mtb Club

2:30 Race origins

4:50 College Career

6:50 Trip for Kids and Cascade Bicycle Club

7:45 Origins of women in Mtb Racing

9:40 Racing timeline

9:10 Seattle to Portland

11:15 NW Cup Mention

12:10 Inspirations for Sweetlines, process of becoming a coach and creating the

14:10 Focus and structure of Sweetlines including age and gender groups

20:00 Traveling full time as a pro Mtb coach

35:30 Overcoming Mountain biking Injuries, recovery, strength building

36:55 Facing new and scary features, process of assessing new Mtb jumps

43:55 Mountain bikers and others who inspire Kat Sweet

46:40 What’s next for Sweetlines. Sugar showdown…