Clayton Peterson | Ride It Out Founder | US Army Special Operations Flight Paramedic

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Show Notes for Clayton Peterson

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00:00 Disclaimer

02:50 Early family life and biking experiences

05:55 Marine Corps enlistment

06:30 X Games in Oceanside CA

07:30 Dave Mirra. Haro Signature Blammo

8:00 Gummo, film

8:45 Flatland BMX

10:40 Torker Bicycles

12:00 Eben Fischer

12:40 Rick Moliterno

12:55 Tree Bicycle Co.

13:40 Fufanu Bike Trick

15:20 S&M Bikes. Terrible One, Etnies Forward BMX Film

16:50 Shoots Brah BMX

19:00 Post Military Employment difficulties

19:30 Adam Watkins

21:50 Enlistment in Army Medic program

24:55 Ryan Nyquist, Early Dave Mirra

25:55 First Deployment to Iraq as Platoon Medic

31:00 Brian Conolly

35:30 Specialized P1

37:10 Selected for Special Operations Combat Medic Course

40:05 Snoqualmie Pass View

43:00 Experticity

43:10 Diamondback Scapegoat

44:20 Friends of Capitol Forest

47:45 Duthie Hill Mtb Park

48:40 Steven’s Pass Mtb Park

50:00 Origins of Ride It Out project

50:30 Commencal Supreme DH

51:50 Whistler Mountain Bike Park

52:50 Giant Glory Downhill Bike

55:40 Leatt Neck Brace

57:45 THOR 3 Performance Training

106:48 Trials Training Center Tennessee Knockout

107:30 Neko Mulally

109:38 Windrock Bike Park

115:00 Tiger Mountain Mtb Trails

1:18:45 Ride It Out

1:24:15 Time Perspective Therapy

1:28:00 How mountain biking helps to relieve PTSD

1:37:40 Veterans Adventure Group. Veterans Adventure Group on Facebook.

1:38:00 “I’m a Mountain Biker with a Skydiving problem”

1:39:00 Jeb Corliss

1:41:50 Travis Pastrana

1:49:10 I.E.D.

1:53:15 Arizona 300 and 750

1:58:10 Recon Racks