Charlie Sponsel | Pro Downhill Racer & Mtb Industry Influencer

Mtbj 008 Charlie Sponsel

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Show Notes for Charlie Sponsel

1:13 Charlie can bake a cake.

2:05 Gravity Components

3:30 Team Robot

10:15 Clay Porter Films

12:00 Charlie Sponsel views on marketing in the mountain bike industry

13:20 Charlie’s mountain biking beginnings

14:00 How to teach your kids to ski/ “the run bike of skiing”

16:00 Buck Hill Mtb Race

16:40 Whistler Mtb Park , Kona Stinky

17:10 Tioga Tires

19:45 Ski Bowl Mountain Biking

20:20 Mountain Cycles Shockwave

20:50 Atomlab

27:35 Charlie Sponsel on slope style, tricks… Wham Bam Thank You Jam, 2007

29:40 Brandon Semenuk. Redbull Rampage 2016

30:30 Nicholi Rogatkin Cork 1080 at Crankworx Les Gets 2016

32:40 Downhill mountain bike race beginnings for Charlie Sponsel

34:20 “I race in the pro category. There’s a big difference.” “Rapid Fire” video with Charlie Sponsel, by Cory Tepper

35:33 “The entire nation of Poland came out to ruin my day” ~Charlie Sponsel

37:00 Charlie Sponsel Wambulance Tour

37:50 How to get professional sponsorship

40:40 Internal conflict re sponsorship, racing and products

41:20 The, Charlie, why did you burn out and quit, question.

43:10 Dirt Diaries Contest with Cory Tepper

53:15 Eric Porter interview on the MtbJumper Podcast

54:30 Charlie Sponsel on Slow vs Fast Practice for downhill Mountain Bike Racing

56:50 The elements of practice and preparation for Downhill Mtb Racing

1:00 “I’m a bad person”. Understanding the emotional side of race preparation.

1:02 Charlie Sponsel Sea Otter Classic Race Results 2015. Steve Wentz

1:03:04 Chris Kovarik

1:05:00 “Oh! I’m not a robot, I’m a human being with emotions and feelings…”

1:07:00 Influencers and Mentors: Gabe Owens. Jim Karn, Brad Watt, Phil Wearing

1:10:10 Charlie Sponsel trail building philosophy and concepts

1:12:05 River View Mtb Trail, Portland, OR. Outside Online article. “Portland Hates Me”

1:15:00 Aaron Nactrab and Patrick Funk from Team Robot

1:15:40 Origin of “Team Robot” name. “You’re on the kill list!!”

1:17:40 Kyle Thomas

1:17:50 Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner

1:20:15 Lars Sternberg

1:22:00 Alex McGuinnis. Krunk Shox

1:23:15 John Kennedy, Mike Lawless, Kevin Walsh

1:23:40 NW Cup founders interview on MtbJumper Podcast

1:25:40 Mtb Injuries

1:28:30 Charlie Sponsel Skibowl NW Cup #4 Full Run (5th Pro)

1:29:30 Enduro and Cross Country Mtb racing is serious and hard

1:30:00 What it takes to win Enduro vs Downhill

1:33:50 Professional Influencers: Adam Craig

1:35:00 World Cup Mountain Bike Racing: Why you should at least go and watch

1:36:44 Verg Interview on the MtbJumper Podcast