Simon Lawton of Fluidride Mtb Clinics

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Simon Lawton Show Notes

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1:15 Simon Lawton’s Motocross roots

4:17 Training to be a pro Motocross rider

5:45 Discovers Mtbs

6:28 Beginnings of racing career

7:15 Mount Hood Mtb Race mention

7:45 Mammoth Kamikaze race mention

9:20 End of DH career

9:28 Career injuries suffered by Simon Lawton

13:11 Origins of Fluidride

13:28 Simon’s involvement in Leftside Industries, prosthetic leg project

16:06 Larz Sternberg mention

17:25 Simon Lawton’s first coaching client

18:08 Tiger Mountain Mtb trails mention

19:30 Closing his bike shops and starting Fluidride coaching full time

20:16 Big Tree Bikes mention

21:31 Satisfaction that comes from teaching

22:51 Dealing with fear as a Mountain Biker

26:03 Overcoming Mtb’ing fears as a metaphor for like

27:21 Advice for parents with kids who want to be Mountain Bikers

28:29 Do something that scares you everyday; the Mtb’ers version

29:49 Lee McCormack mention and discussion re anxiety about hitting jumps

30:56 Importance of upper body relaxation in Mtb Jumping

32:53 Jordie Lunn mention

33:06 Footwork for better Mtb turns

34:11 Mtb racing foot placement history and development

34:27 Sam Hill mention and “level feet” Mountain Bike turns

37:21 How to snap turns, and why you should learn it

38:40 Why the bicycle is the fastest vehicle down a hill

42:15 How the best Mtb’ers work hard to build basic, foundational skills

44:27 How to pass most people in right handed turns

45:09 Phil Kmetz mention

45:47 Fluidride Mtb Training classes, videos and more

46:29 Diamondback Bicycles mention

47:07 How Simon Lawton’s teaching evolves and improves

49:35 How to incorporate articulation and body movement into straight jumps, vs hips

56:14 The scarriest thing for a pro Mountain Biker to do off a jump

57:18 No take off/lip is perfect, and what to do about it

58:40 Relationship between speed and distance in Mountain Bike jumping

01:01 Fluidride Whistler Camps

01:02 How to boost Mtb dirt jumps

01:05 Why you land back wheel first, or front wheel first

01:07 What to do if you’re coming off the peddles in the air

01:10 Fluidride Alps Tours

01:12 Fluidride Andes Tours are coming

01:17 Group vs Private instruction

01:20 Fluidride Instruct Training details

01:24 Norman’s experience with Fluidride instruction

01:25 Rockshox and Sram mentions